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doula recommended essentials

Not sure what you may need for pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, or your diaper bag?
I've got you covered! Check out these curated Amazon essentials lists that I update regularly.
You can often find descriptions and how-to use them on my

as an amazon associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases

other recommended favorites

I choose my affiliations very carefully, only partnering with companies that have motherhood support & overall health and wellness as their mission. Here are a few of my favorites & products I personally use:


Kindred Bravely
Code: JM05KB for 15% off

Clothing for pregnancy & postpartum + pregnancy support belt + fourth trimester panties


Primally Pure Skincare
Code: JeannaM10 for 10% off 

Simple ingredient, non-toxic skincare. Deodorant & dry shampoo are favs, and the oil cleansing kit is a must for me.

The Fresh Test
Code: JeannaM20 for 20% off

Natural, organic, gluten-free
glucose test alternative .
Lemon-mint flavor



Sustainable bamboo underwear & clothing to keep you dry & odor free. Don't miss the wide leg lounge set!

clary sage.jpg

REVIVE Essential Oils
Code: JeannaM10 for 10% off any order or 15% off $100

All my favorite oils for labor + postpartum recovery

self care

t-shirt shop

Did you know that I was a graphic designer before I was a doula?
I originally created these designs to raise awareness for community work towards better birth outcomes in our area. And I've kept offering them because it has allowed me to connect with more moms around the world.

little seed co.

All-natural, self care products created to support your motherhood journey & raise funds to make high-quality doula support more accessible for mothers globally. All are handmade and carefully packaged in Birmingham, AL.


essential oil roller blends for pregnancy, labor, postpartum healing, & everyday life


skin-soothing body lotions made from raw cocoa & shea butters and vitamin e oil to help nourish your body


best sellers available as gift sets


Who doesn't love a good freebie?! 

PP Support Plan.png

Just like planning for birth, planning for your postpartum season is just as important. This 7 page planning tool will help you & your family identify needs & resources before your baby arrives.

Hospital Bag Checklist.png

Not sure what items you may need to gather for your birth? I've got you covered! You can find my favorite items for labor, birth, & postpartum in my Amazon storefront (linked at the top of this page).

affirmation cards

Use positive affirmations that usher in feelings of peace and confidence in your labor, birth, & beyond!


BDBDS affirmation cards.png

36 powerful affirmations to reduce stress, increase oxytocin, remind you of powerful truths, & build your confidence. Simply download, print & cut out!


BDBDS affirmation cards - Christian.png

36 more affirmations specifically based on scriptural truths. These are great for labor & birth, and also for everyday life as a mom.

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