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childbirth education

There are so many great options for quality childbirth education, both in-person and online. But how do you know which one is right for you? Together, we talk through what your hopes are for birth, current knowledge you may have, where you plan to give birth, and other details to find out what type of education course may be best for you. 

*All clients also receive information for great, free educational resources based on their specific needs.

Do you recommend childbirth education for all moms?

Absolutely! Whether you are a first time mom or are a mom of many, there are always new things to learn. That's where our chat identifying your unique needs comes into play. Maybe you need a comprehensive class that goes over details of everything from pregnancy through postpartum. Or perhaps you only need a class to learn how to better cope with labor discomforts. Birth is different every time, and we are different every time we give birth. There is always a class for every mama, to help them have their best birth experience.

Are there certain courses you recommend?

Yes! I check classes out myself, and also take into account client experiences with different courses. I keep an up-to-date list of online and in-person options that I personally recommend, and also share free class resources when available. I do have affiliations with some courses, but those may not be your jam. Always know that in all things, we'll find your best fit. You can also check out my virtual service offerings to see if one of those sessions may be right for you (click here).

Are there incentives for taking childbirth classes?

Also, yes! For those investing in quality childbirth education classes, I extend discounts/offers to both clients and non-clients. It's my goal to help all mamas be able to acquire the tools they need in order to have their best birth.

affiliate classes

As an affiliate of Mama Natural and A Heavenly Welcome, I am able to help families get connected with comprehensive, high-quality, and self-paced online courses. Full transparency: by using these sign-up links/referrals, I gain a commission and am able to extend a greater discount/gift amount for those classes. These are courses that I have taken personally and that clients have taken, and that I personally believe offer a well-rounded education.

The Mama Natural Birth Course

let us help you have an amazing birth mama natural birth course image.jpg

"You’ve been told birth is scary, excruciating, something completely out of your control.

You’ve been told it’s a medical condition instead of a natural biological process.

You may have even been told you won’t be able to give birth without interventions like labor induction and pain medication.

But we’re here to tell you the truth about your childbirth.

You can do this.

It will be one of the most challenging and powerful things you will ever do. You will grow in ways that you never knew possible. You will emerge a stronger and more confident woman — no matter how your birth unfolds.

Seriously, you can do this. And we can help."

A Heavenly Welcome: Kingdom Childbirth Class


"We have a birth class that will transform your view of birth, get you free from fear, and help you to partner with God to enjoy one of the best days of your life!

Whether you are...

  • A first time mom preparing for your first birth 

  • You’ve given birth before but want a refresher on the labor process, how to work with it, and how to enjoy God’s presence during it

  • Or you’re thinking about getting pregnant and want to gain knowledge and work through fears ahead of time

You will come out of this class confident, free from fear, equipped and excited to give birth!"

The Mama Natural Baby Care Course


​"When my baby came, I was over the moon with joy...

But it quickly dawned on me that it didn’t matter how many baby books I’d read, how many long chats I’d had with my mom and friends, I had no idea what I was actually doing.  

I’d been so focused on the birthing event that I hadn’t realized what life with a newborn would *actually* be like.

That’s why I built the Mama Natural Baby Care Course.


My goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to feel comforted and in control of your postpartum journey!

From getting that first breastfeeding latch correct, to knowing if your baby just has a sniffle or something more serious, we will be guiding you each step of the way.

  • Learn how to care for a newborn with calm & confidence. 

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive postpartum. 

  • Discover practical tips and insights from experts in baby care.

  • Connect with a dynamic group of new mothers just like you."

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