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virtual doula support

Doulas are for every family, & every type of birth. Whether you are in my area or somewhere else in the world, I'd love to walk alongside you and help you prepare for your pregnancy, birth, & postpartum journey.

Cup of Coffee


$75 per hour
Booked in 1-hour increments

No matter where you are in your pregnancy or your current level of preparation, this consultation is an opportunity for you to acquire resources specific to your needs. Prior to our meeting, I send intake forms for you to fill out to better understand what those unique needs & questions may be and make notes to discuss together in our meeting. This is perfect if you need some one-on-one support from a birth professional to help answer any questions you may have!
Some subjects we can cover include:

  • General childbirth education

  • Body balancing

  • Breathing & mindfulness practices

  • Birth & infant care preferences

  • Comfort measures

  • Partner support

  • Advocacy

  • Postpartum care


*After our meeting, I will review my notes and send a follow-up email including my personal recommendations & tailored resources.


2 hours, $200
*Discounted to $150 for personal doula clients

Whether you plan to have your partner, friend, and/or family member(s) present at your birth, this class helps your support squad understand more about how to serve you with confidence in your birth.
Together we will cover:

  • how to set up your birth environment that facilitates a more comfortable experience

  • the do's and don'ts of a support person

  • ways in which to identify your needs & attend to them effectively

  • comfort measures & labor tools

  • what different stages of labor look like & what do/how to help during each one

  • how to advocate & help navigate any options that arise

*Printable, 8-page Partner Support guide included.


2 hours, $150

No matter how or where you birth, two of the most important preparations you can make are body balancing & mindfulness. This class is for you if you are interested in having a more comfortable pregnancy, birth, & recovery. Every mama is different, so through our one-on-one visit, I will help pinpoint which activities may be most beneficial for you and which to avoid in your pregnancy and birth.
In this session we cover:

  • the benefits of body balancing, intentional breathing, & mindfulness practices

  • labor breathing & push breathing, and how to practice in pregnancy

  • visualization techniques

  • tension release exercises & how this affects your pregnancy, birth, & recovery

  • how your thoughts and fears affect your experience and how to reframe them

  • mindful maternal positioning in everyday life

  • Spinning Babies, The Miles Circuit, & how to use a birth ball 

  • movement in labor with or without an epidural

  • professionals who can support mind & body practices

  • apps and resources that may be helpful to you


*Following our session, you will receive my personal recommendations for you, and links to resources.


1 hour, $75

The term "birth plan" gets a bad rep, and true enough, there is no real way to lay out a "plan" for birth.
BUT, conversations surrounding your preferences for you and your baby's care is always important. You will leave this consultation with a better understanding of what your options are AND a printable PDF tailor-made to your preferences to share with your care team.
Together we will:

  • talk about care options for you & your baby

  • discuss evidence-based research in order to make your best informed decision

  • complete a questionnaire to create a birth & infant care plan sheet to share with your birth team

  • talk together about how to advocate for your wishes & navigate any choices presented to you

*Printable Birth & Infant Care Plan formatted to your preferences included.


2 hours, $150

Cesarean birth is like any other in that you will benefit from preparing your mind and body for your birth experience & recovery. In this meeting we will discuss:

  • what to expect in a cesarean birth & recovery

  • ways to prepare your body during pregnancy for your best birth experience & recovery

  • options you have for your & your baby's care

  • creating a birth & infant care preferences list to share with your provider

  • comfort tips, tools, & techniques to use during birth & recovery

  • items to take to the hospital & how to use them

  • cesarean birth support resources for pregnancy & recovery

  • creating a postpartum care plan & managing recovery expectations

  • scar mobilization 

*Following our session, you will receive my personal recommendations for you, and links to resources.



If a la carte classes aren't exactly what you are looking for and you need a doula available to you all throughout your pregnancy and the first weeks postpartum, this is a great option for you! This package includes:

  • Two virtual prenatal visits (1.5 hours each)

  1. Review intake forms and instruction on body balancing & mindfulness techniques

  2. Discuss birth & infant care preferences, last weeks prep, & postpartum planning

  • One virtual postpartum visit (1 hour)

  • Exploration of birth goals & birth plan building 

  • Digital guides with live links for body balancing, mindfulness, childbirth education, & nutrition

  • Hospital bag checklist

  • Postpartum essentials list & planning worksheet

  • Access to up-to-date research

  • Extensive referral resources

  • Unlimited phone & email support during business hours from contract signing until you go into labor, and 6 weeks immediately following birth *Birth day support is a separate add-on and subject to availability.

  • Online portal for scheduling and communication

    *Partner Support Class add-on recommended for additional prenatal education (at discounted rate).

*A portion of all investments goes towards supporting mothers and families in our community, local missions, and/or overseas missions.

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