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Hey There!

My name is Jeanna (pronounced "g-nuh") and I am so glad you're here!

Helping moms like you by taking out some of the overwhelm in your motherhood journey is what gets me up in the morning. 

All About Me

After spending many years studying and working within the fields of interior and graphic design, I began looking into other career paths that would allow me to use my gifts to serve others. After having my first child with incredible hands-on help and encouragement of two friends and my husband, I felt a tug in my heart to pursue training to help other women try to achieve beautiful and empowering births as well, as well as provide women and families in our community with comprehensive, diverse, and affordable resources and support from pregnancy through post-partum.


After completing my training with DONA, I started BDBDS with the belief that childbirth is an opportunity for mothers to discover and use their innate strengths and abilities to achieve the best and most positive birth possible, as they define it, and carry that confidence into parenthood. It is an honor to serve as both a birth doula and birth photographer to such incredible individuals and families in our community, and now, serve mothers virtually all over the world.

My hope is to raise awareness for birthing disparities and make education & support as accessible as possible to moms everywhere. Every birth deserves to be honored, and every mother deserves to be supported throughout her entire  journey. It does take a village, and I am honored to be chosen to walk alongside so many incredible women and hold space for them in these transformative seasons.


I'd be honored to have the opportunity to get to know you and hear more about your birth goals and wishes. Contact me for your free consultation. I'd love to see if we're a good fit!

Jeanna McNeil, CD(DONA), SBD


• journaling • tea • my girl cat named George • tub soaks • my church •

• a good hamburger • cutoff sweatpants • sunrise • 90s music •

• talking to strangers • rainstorms • porch sitting •

Things I Love

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