What Clients Say


"Being reminded that you have a voice, when you're more vulnerable than you've ever been, is something I can't put into words. Having Jeanna was seriously priceless. I truly do not feel I could have sustained myself through my unmedicated birth without her. Jeanna made me feel so empowered and capable, and ensured that my daughter's birth story is one I can't wait to tell her all about one day."


"Jeanna was wonderful to find resources for me and everything she did helped me prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for our delivery. She took the time to get to know us and catered a plan specifically to meet our needs. Because of Jeanna, our day was beautiful, calm, and perfect. I know without a doubt that her support is the reason I was able to reach my birth goals! An added bonus is that she captured amazing photos of our labor and delivery that I will cherish always. I can’t imagine our story without her! I can’t recommend her enough."


"She gives families a wealth of information on birth, exercises for baby positioning and mom’s comfort in pregnancy and birth, coping skills for labor, coping skills for DAD while mom is in labor, and she checks in on her people frequently. She is happy to answer questions and give evidence based guidance. In the midst of the pandemic it should be said that even if she could not have attended my birth in person, her knowledge and support throughout pregnancy would have been worth hiring her anyway.


"There are so many decisions to be made when planning your birth the way you want it and it can be very overwhelming. There is no way I could have birthed my son without an epidural without the help of Jeanna!! The first time I talked to her I was in total peace that she was the one we would use. She has gone over and above what I ever expected from a doula, she was a friend. She has prayed for me, encouraged me, and given me all the resources I needed to have the birth that me and my husband wanted and even when things didn’t go exactly how I planned, she made me feel at peace about them. I will never have another child without a doula. All the prayers she prayed for me were answered. I will tell everyone about her because she truly has a gift. Look no further you have found the perfect doula!!!"


"Where do I start? I’m a dad. This is my first child so there were terms like "doula" that I had to learn as we went but I am SO glad that we did! When we first met with Jeanna I was going through the motions but on the inside, I was freaking out. First: the labor and birth went so smooth and fast and I know in my heart it was due to everything she taught us and the exercises. Second: she was there to be with me (us, but mainly me trying not to panic) during what was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my life. She made the birth of my son a much better experience for both my wife and I. She got pics of the birth as well that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. If you are on the fence about using BDBDS or even a doula in general, don't be; just do it! Jeanna is very personal and a God-send. I am one happy daddy!"


"I had never considered hiring a doula until I knew that I would be giving birth in the midst of a pandemic. Working in healthcare myself, I didn’t see those restrictions easing up anytime soon. I’m thankful a friend and former co-worker recommended Jeanna to me. I can honestly say, she played a huge role of helping me achieve the natural birth I wanted. I’ve never met someone before who so effortlessly operates to the fullest potential of their calling. Now I tell all my friends that hiring a doula was the best investment of my whole pregnancy! Thank you again, Jeanna, for everything!"


"I met Jeanna and was instantly drawn to her kind, calming, and friendly spirit. She always made me feel like she genuinely cared about me and quickly became a friend. My pregnancy was rough and Jeanna was always there with an encouraging word. I appreciated how edifying she was in a very difficult time of my life. I had 6 weeks of prodromal labor that led to the arrival of my son and she was a wealth of knowledge for me. She helped advise my husband on different ways that he could best help me during labor. She also got some amazing pictures of my labor and of my newborn that I will cherish forever. She has the biggest heart for mothers and is truly such a blessing. "


"Jeanna was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals of an epidural-free birth with my 3rd son. I have been a L&D nurse for 8 years and have seen many types of births and worked with several different area doulas. I had the opportunity to work with Jeanna and help a family have an AWESOME natural birth. I was blown away by her and knew that she was the one for me. Her light absolutely shines in her work and you can tell that she is doing a work from God. She was the small voice telling me I was safe, I was doing great, and I could DO hard things. Thanks again, Jeanna for everything!"


"Jeanna is absolutely amazing! From the moment I first spoke with her, she was invested in my wants for my birth and how we could best achieve them together. She was always ready to provide me with evidence-based research and data to prepare me to make the best decisions for my birth. When it came time for my labor and delivery, Jeanna was the best coach. She made the room such a calming and relaxing environment that any health care provider who came in the room commented on how relaxing it was. Just when I thought I couldn't continue Jeanna was there to encourage me and help me through. My husband was also so thankful for her as he was able to enjoy my labor and delivery this time instead of feeling the constant pressure to attend to me at all times. I would recommend Jeanna to anyone looking for a doula. One of the best investments I have ever made!"


"I'm forever grateful that she was part of my delivery team, supporting me spirituality, mentally and physically during one of the greatest experiences of my life.Jeanna is an amazing resource to have, no matter what your birth plan looks like."


"Having Jeanna there was the best decision I could have made! I can honestly say my birth was a success and much to her credit! I absolutely recommend a doula no matter what kind of birthing experience you are wanting to have. I’m so thankful for Jeanna and the blessing she was to me & my family on such a wonderful day!"


"Her personality draws you in and I was instantly comfortable with her! I highly recommend Jeanna and her services to all expectant moms and couples!"


"From our first meeting it was clear Jeanna was the doula for me. She was so engaged and easy to talk to throughout the whole pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. She constantly encouraged and supported me and made me feel more confident about my choices. She also made a point to keep my husband involved and supported him during labor to help me. I felt so blessed to have found Jeanna and know she’ll just keep blessing other expectant mamas!"


"From our first time meeting she felt like a close friend, encouraging, affirming, and supporting my goals for birth. She gave me lots of information about specific topics I was concerned about, and supported me through navigating what was best for me. When it came time for labor and delivery, Jeanna was there as soon as I needed her, even with it being in the middle of the night. She was also able to capture some really special intimate moments, and ultimately the birth of our baby girl. She has a special touch that makes you feel safe, cared for, important, heard, and loved. I will absolutely have her again at my next birth!"


"I 1,000% recommend Jeanna with By Design Birth Doula Services. When my husband and I started our hunt for our doula, we knew we wanted someone who would be easy to talk to, calming, and detailed. When we first met Jeanna we knew our hunt was over and we had our doula! Not only do I consider Jeanna to be the most amazing doula, but I also consider her a friend. Thank you Jeanna for being my cheerleader, advocate and coach throughout my pregnancy and labor!


"I knew as soon as I met Jeanna at our consultation that she was the doula for us. She has such a calming and supportive persona and she's funny!! It's the perfect combo. After years of infertilty treatments, we were finally going to be welcoming our baby boy. I had been interested in having an unmedicated birth for as long as I can remember so my OB/GYN asked if I had considered a doula. She even gave me Jeanna's name. The icing on the cake was the beautiful birth photos she captured for us. Since our family could not be there to greet our precious boy, these photos are even more treasured. No matter how you plan to birth or whether that plan works out, Jeanna can support you through it. You won't regret choosing her."


"Due to Covid, I didn't actually meet Jeanna in person until I was already in the hospital but I felt like I had known her for years because she was just so easy to talk to and down to earth. And that, to me, was so important because giving birth is such a vulnerable time and you want a doula that you feel comfortable around. Jeanna made my delivery amazing and made me feel like a rockstar! She took care of the little things as well as the big things - like, creating a calming atmosphere with lights, or speaking up to the doctors and nurses on my behalf when I was too tired to speak up and say what I wanted. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I cannot say enough good things about Jeanna. We "met" online by chance in the fall of 2019 after the loss of our first baby. Jeanna immediately began praying for us, a couple she had never met. We have been so blessed to have her in our lives ever since. She was absolutely an asset throughout my entire pregnancy and delivery in 2020. Without her calm presence and reassurance I wouldn't have been able to make it through such an intense labor and delivery. My husband didn't realize how much he needed her in the delivery room either. We are so thankful for Jeanna and what she means to our family, and the relationship we now have with her. "